Rozwój systemów…

Rozwój systemów inteligentnego opomiarowania (smart metering) na świecie.
Montaż nowoczesnych liczników ma umożliwić stosowanie harmonogramowania popytu na szerszą skalę i jego redukcję na zamówienie (DSR). W Polsce liczba liczników zdalnego odczytu u odbiorców Energii ma wkrótce wynieść ponad milion.

There are a number of opportunities to reduce the impact of increased electricity demand in the buildings sector on power systems, including digitalisation and demand-side response tools. Deployment of smart meters is rolling out quickly and will facilitate interactions between buildings and the broader electricity system. More than 800 million smart meters were installed globally at the end of 2017. Italy was a front-runner in that deployment, where the Enel distribution company replaced 30 million conventional meters throughout the country between 2001 and 2006. China rapidly caught up around 2010 and had rolled out around 500 million smart meters under its nationwide deployment plan as of 2017.
z: Perspectives for the Clean Energy Transition 2019: The Critical Role of Buildings

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